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Honor the Outstanding Doctors in Your Life

The doctors at UNC work tirelessly every day to care for their patients. On March 30, honor the outstanding doctors in your life and thank them for their care during Doctors Day!

We are collecting your stories and messages of gratitude for the doctors who have made a difference in your or your family’s life.

Add your story or messages in the comments below. On Doctors Day, we will make sure they see and read your special message.



If you would like to further honor the outstanding caregivers in your life, consider making a gift in their honor.

77 Responses to “Doctors Day”

  1. Suzette Cayless

    Dr. Yee Lam has been our Primary Care Physician for many years now. When my husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s she proved to be a tower of strength – always available to answer questions by email, even in the middle of the night! She arranged for REACH care when it became difficult to get my husband to Family Practice and worked with them to adjust medications to find what worked best. I cannot praise her skills and compassion highly enough. When we needed Hospice care for him and through to his peaceful death at home, Dr. Lam continued to ensure I was cared for. My whole family is grateful.

  2. Kathy Valley

    I would like to thank my primary care physician, Sarah Smithson. Number one, for putting up with me (I know I’m not the easiest patient to have). Secondly, for never giving up on me – always keeping an eye on important health issues, and giving solid medical advice for improving my health – helping me be the best I can be. Thank you!

  3. Danita Morgan

    Dr. Jason Long has cared for my husband, Chris White, since his cancer surgery six years ago. He is knowledgeable, caring and encouraging. I have such peace of mind because Chris is in such good hands.

  4. Michelle and Renee Foye

    Thank you Dr Soper for your years of compassionate care….thanks for being the calm during the turbulent storm!!! Your expertise, kindness ,skills,patience and compassionate care will always be remembered. You Rock?

  5. Francine Netter Roberson

    Dr. Don Spencer, UNC Family Medicine, leads a terrific team of capable and caring physicians and health care professionals. Thank you for all you do.

  6. Dr. Mary Wayne Watson

    Dr. Michele Nacouzi is an excellent primary care doctor as well as a fine person. She is highly competent as well as approachable and caring, and she goes out of her way to accommodate me. She knows her stuff, and she personalizes care so that I always get the best care. The world is a better place because of Michele Nacouzi, a doctor who demonstrates the best of the Hippocratic Oath. Thank you, Dr. Nacouzi!

  7. Kathy Bobbitt

    A thousand times, THANK YOU, to Dr. Lisa Carey. From the beginning of my diagnosis, she was straight forward and supportive. Making sure that I had all the support staff in place to get me through the year long Chemo and Radiation. Each visit she spoke openly and also was frank about what to expect….I think the first thing she said to me made the biggest impression, “First, I am going to make you very sick (Chemo) but then I am going to get you better…” and I never doubted her for one minute. I am a 7 year ,Stage 4 HER2+, Breast Cancer Survivor, with the BRAC2 Gene. Life is wonderful!!!

  8. Penny Thompson

    Dr Barbara Bergdolt has been my primary care physician for the past 9 years. She is wonderful ,caring, competent and the list could go on forever! She is always patient and kind and has treated me and guided me to specialist as my needs required!
    She has that incredible bedside manner that makes you feel like you are her only patient!
    Thanks for always being there for me!


    Thank you Dr. Sarah Nickolich for being a good and caring doctor for me.

  10. William Edwards

    Dr Jama Darling is keeping me straight, which isn’t an easy thing to do.

  11. Mary E. Daniel

    Dr. Tim Carey is the best Primary Care Physician ever! He has put up with me for a very long time now, and he has always taken the time to learn “the whole story”, assess the situation based on my personal history, and work the puzzle pieces until they all fit together. I’m so very grateful to one of my other fantastic UNC doctors, Dr. Gene Orringer, for connecting me with Dr. Carey in 1991!

    And let me not leave out Dr. Jan Halle and Dr. Bill Cance who worked with Dr. Orringer on my team in 1991 to get me through a trying time and successfully out the other side!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you Dr. Carey, Dr. Halley (retired), Dr. Cance (practicing elsewhere now), and Dr. Orringer (may you forever rest in peace)!!

  12. Tom Kenan

    Dr Jim Bryan senior primary care doctor who retired after treating his patients for many decades saved my life a few years ago. I was home alone had an appendix attack and he came and Drove me to the emergency room at UNC hospital on a Saturday night. STAYED WITH ME, organized the surgery at 7 am the next morning. Took care of all details at 2 am. My appendix could have erupted at home and I would not be here. He just happened to be home that evening. It was a miracle. He also managed to get me as a patient with anither great young doctor. Paul. Chelminski who is amazing. We are so fortunate to have such marvelous health facilities and doctors

  13. Cecil

    I would like to honor Dr Saira Sheikh for her ongoing interest, clinical dedication, and curiosity into autoimmune disease. Genomics, could you work on cloning her?

  14. Jamie Ostergard

    Words cannot express how thankful I am for Dr. Tripuraneni Kirk. You’ve helped me understand that Type 1 diabetes doesn’t define who I am and it is a lifestyle change that when managed well can lead to huge health victories. You are always so encouraging and positive and that within itself contributes so much towards my outlook on my own chronic illness! Thankful I have you as my endocrinologist!!

  15. Betsy Smith

    Many thanks to all the Doctors associated with UNC . I would like to express a special thanks to Dr Nina Browner who is the Best Neurologist. She has been key in helping me manage my Parkinson’s . Also a very big thanks to Drs Timothy Harris & Corey Thompson that have been key in the orthopedic area in getting my mobility back after a bad auto wreck. Thanks again. God bless you !!!

  16. Denise Horn

    Dr. Barbara Bergdolt has been my primary care physician for years. She is simply the best! She is caring, kind and a great listener! Thank you for always taking your time to listen to my concerns and for taking such good care of me! I feel so fortunate to have you as my doctor!

  17. Nancy Pfaltzgraff

    I want to thank Dr. Paul Chelminski for all the help that he gave to me and to my husband. I could never have gotten through John’s illness without his help. Through all of that and since, his friendship has meant a great deal to me. I always know that he will be there to answer my questions. Thank You! I count all of my UNC doctors as my friends and am so very grateful for the help and care that they have given me over the years. I feel so lucky to live in Chapel Hill and have them all close.

  18. Peter Guzzardi

    Nigel Key, my hematologist, is a special person, which spills over into the care he provides as a doctor. He’s warm, kind, thoughtful, and supportive. He’s consummately professional, but somehow that distance that is so common between patient and doctor–and between most any two people–dissolves in his presence. Thank you for being who you are, Dr. Key! I feel very fortunate to have you on my medical team!

  19. Chandler & Isley Forrester

    Dr. Egberg was fantastic! We thought the first visit would be a meet & greet only. Boy were we wrong. Dr. Egberg examined Chandler thoroughly, ordered blood tests, had impeccible bedside manner and was very intent on listening to C’s questions and explaining everything in great depth to C’s understanding. We both were most impressed. The fact he is from Minnesota was an added bonus! I have already referred his information to another mom who was looking for a stellar pediatric GI.
    Thank you so much & Chandler is actually excited to talk to you soon.
    Chandler & Isley (mom)

  20. DP

    Forever grateful for Dr M. Andrew Greganti & his assistant Ellen at UNC Hospital. A wonderful doctor for us for many, many years. Also very grateful for Cardiologist
    Dr. Gehi and his amazing team at UNC Hospital.

  21. Pat Stephenson

    Dr. Jeremiah Boles of UNC Rex Healthcare in Raleigh has seen me through the three years since my stage 4 cancer diagnosis. So very grateful for his amazing intelligence, experience, and compassion. I’ve asked him a thousand questions and he could answer every single one!

  22. Anonymous

    Over 10 years ago, I was shocked to be diagnosed with aplastic anemia. I live in Virginia, about 4 hours away from Chapel Hill. My doctor here referred me to UNC where I was treated by Dr. Thomas Shea. At the time, I did not realize he was the best of the best. Dr. Shea always kept an eye on my condition, looking for myelodysplastic syndrome. After nearly 8 years, I took a downhill turn and developed myelodysplastic syndrome. In 2017, I went through a bone marrow transplant and I am thankful to report that I am doing quite well. I truly feel blessed that I not only had the best doctor locally but certainly am fortunate to be treated by Dr. Shea and his team. Not only is he an expert, he is also kind and patient. I will miss him so much when he retires. And I would like to add that I have become a Tar Heel fan but will root for the Virginia Tech Hokies when they play UNC!

  23. Jeri and Jim Maloney

    We have traveled all over the world. When we came to Chapel Hill, it was our twenty-second move. As such, we have interacted with scores of internists. Donald C. Spenser, MD, excels in all of the attributes a patient would desires. The prime one—as an internist—is the capability to recognize symptoms—regardless of the problem— that serve as an aid to a diagnosis. In this, Dr. Spenser is superb—the finest one we have ever encountered. Couple this with his business administration background and UNC has all that is needed for a Chief Medical Officer.

  24. Colleen Mills

    Dr. Christopher Olcott/Orthopaedics – personally called me the night before my total knee replacement surgery
    How many surgeons do that??

    He continues to follow up with his total joint replacement patients every 2 years.

  25. Sharon

    I want to thank Doctor Stephanie Foley for her excellent care with my husband as he was sick with Parkinson’s and dementia. She was always available for both of us with our questions on his care. Very helpful when he passed away.

  26. Dr. Julie Byerley

    Dr. Byerley was such a wonderful and compassionate doctor for our son, Will. She knows how to blend a caring spirit with incredible knowledge. We were truly blessed to have worked with Dr. Byerley. Thank you for all you do everyday! You are SO appreciated!

  27. Ayers Family

    While we are thankful for all of the caregivers at UNC, we are especially grateful for Dr. Michael Kappelman. He met us when we were overwhelmed with our 7 year old’s diagnosis of ulcerative colitis. He took charge of her case with confidence and continues to walk every step of the way with us 5 years later. He celebrated with us in the positive outcomes and worked hard to educate us about options when things weren’t going so well. He coordinated her care with other providers when needed and encouraged a second opinion when we had to make tough decisions about removing her colon. Through numerous hospitalizations and surgeries, Dr. Kappelman has answered hundreds of our questions, some of them more than once, and has been patient with our choices. He made himself available to us as working parents via phone and email when appropriate. More than anything, he always looked at our daughter as a whole person beyond her colon and her disease. He wanted her to be healthy enough to go to school, achieve good grades, and be involved in activities like other kids. We respect all he does for patients with IBD as a leading expert and researcher, but we’ll always be most appreciative of his exceptional care for Charlotte.

  28. Teresa Bradley

    Where do I begin? Our precious gift, Rayden, has so many Spina Bifida specialist that take such wonderful care of him. Dr. Goodnight walked us through fetal surgery and bed rest with the most compassion I’ve ever seen in a doctor. Dr. Scott Elton has spent countless hours and multiple surgeries helping Rayden fight massive hydrocephalus and overlapping sutures. Dr. Vinay Narotam and Dr. Anna Vergun have gone above and beyond to get Rayden’s feet and hips corrected so he can WALK! Dr. Sherry Ross shows genuine compassion and pays such close attention to his labs that she has caught things before they got out of control. Dr. Sara Grace has gone above and beyond the call of duty time and time again! Dr. Alexander always greets us with a huge and smile encouragement. I cannot say enough wonderful things about all these doctors. They all show genuine compassion for Rayden. They stop and speak to us in the hallways or visit us in the hospital room even when he is not there to see them specifically. They are considered a part of our family! Without each of them doing such a wonderful job and working so well together our sweet Rayden would not be where he is today.

  29. Spencer and Kenny Menzel

    Our twins were born at 31 weeks gestation at Rex and we are so incredibly grateful for Dr. Ambroise-Thigpen, Dr. Crouchley, and Dr. Lenfestey in the NICU there. Our daughter spent 39 days at Rex and our son spent 28 days there before he was transferred to UNC Children’s Hospital for treatment of NEC and surgery to repair his incarcerated inguinal hernia. He spent 23 more days at UNC and we cannot thank Dr. Erickson enough for performing surgery on him and Drs. Price and Trembath for being amazing neonatologists and caring for him during his stay at UNC. Our little fighters are 15 months old now and doing amazingly well thanks to the wonderful care we received at UNC and Rex! We are forever grateful for everything they did for our family.

  30. Candice Scheie

    I cannot name everyone in particular, but I would like to thank all the nurses, providers, and staff in the NICU for taking care of our sweet Olivia. She was there from August 1 – November 10, and the staff became family. They answered my questions, addressed my concerns, and were always a pleasure to see. I have nothing but amazing things to say about the whole floor. It was very bittersweet leaving the NICU. THANK YOU all for taking such amazing care of our little miracle baby!
    -The Scheie’s

  31. Margaret Lee

    Many thanks to Dr McBride and the Geriatrics Clinic for the awesome care you’ve given me. From the first visit, I felt like I was part of the family. Dr. McBride is a great doctor and I really appreciate his caring nature.

  32. Margaret Lee

    Thank you, Dr Stafford…the man with the magic touch!! My knees thank you,as well!!!

  33. Linda Primm

    My mother and I are forever grateful for the wonderful care my sister Phyllis received from Dr Wesley Fowler and Dr John Currie and their team of nurses and other healthcare professionals during her long battle with cancer. Their kindness and concern for Phyllis as well as her family was a blessing. We continue to remember them all with gratitude.

  34. Kevin Koch

    I would like to thank Dr Richard Murrow for his compassionate care of my Parkinson’s, Dr Eldad Hadar for his patience during my many surgeries, and Dr Mallory Brown for her understanding and insight, they all have made my quality of life immeasurably better and I am extremely grateful.

  35. Lynne & John O’Neill

    We are so grateful for the excellent, compassionate care we receive from Dr. Barbara Bergdolt, our Primary Care Physician. She is thorough, caring and takes time with us during every visit. We have trusted her wisdom, guidance, recommendations over many years. Being out of town 2 years ago with dvt and pe’s, being able to communicate with Dr. Bergdolt via mychart, was comforting and reassuring. Sharing my treatment, meds and knowing she agreed, put me at ease. She goes the extra mile for her patients every day. Thank you – we celebrate YOU every day!

  36. Pattie Moore-Boyette

    Dr. Autumn McRee is a family member’s oncologist. She has been fantastic in taking care of him during his nearly 6 years of fighting stage IV Pancreatic cancer.
    She has been so supportive in every way. She is not only brilliant in her knowledge of this dreadful disease but incorporates his feelings and his quality of life.
    I cannot thank her enough for being there in every way during this frightening challenging cancer. We couldn’t have been any more fortunate to have a better Oncologist than Dr. McRee. We are also fortunate that she is performing research with colleagues and hoping that she will find a way to eradicate this cancer. THANK YOU Dr. McRee.

  37. Amy L.

    My love and gratitude to Dr. Claire Dees who has given me wonderful care after my breast cancer diagnosis. Her calm assurance and knowledge helped me get through a terrifying time. Dr. Dees has always been accessible and willing to answer my questions with patience. Thank you, Dr. Dees!

  38. Drew Woerner

    Tammy and I want to say thanks to both Dr. Adam Zanation and Dr. Lisa Carey for their outstanding care. They both go the extra mile in patient care and concern. So a huge Thanks to both of them and their staffs.

  39. Susan & Martin Lukach

    I especially want thank Dr. Jonathan Serody and Dr Brandi Reeves. It would not have been possible without all the doctors, PAA’s, pharmacists, nurses and staff personnel at the BMT clinic and the BMT unit. If we had the ability to make the decision now, knowing the results would be the same, we would do it all over again. Sue and I learned more about each other over the past year and our love for each other grew. We were also blessed with a 2nd family at UNC that we loved very much.
    I am including a list of names that we admire and love. I apologize for any name that I have may left off of the list.
    BMT Doctors
    Dr Serody, Dr Reeves, Dr Shea, Dr Riches, Dr Jamison, Dr Wood, Dr Castillo, Dr Tschernia,
    Alicia, Angela, Ashley, Brianne, Emily, Kim, Megan, Debbie, Katie, Monica, Paula, Chad, Brittney, Rebecca, Dana, Laura, & Sandra
    BMT Pharmacists
    Jon, Maurice, Ryan, & Tatjana

  40. Speed Hallman

    Dr. Victoria Lackey removed the burning splinter of gout, and reversed a debilitating, immobilizing and demoralizing condition, after two others had failed. She is an Androcles!

  41. Margot Hall, Ph.D.

    I was privileged to earn both a bachelor’s and a doctoral degree from UNC-CH. During my undergraduate studies, my parents were traveling overseas and as a consequence they mailed me a check ….which never came………….. The doctors at the Medical Center gave me a job and arranged to teach me what I needed to know so that I could “work my way through school”….They served as mentors, bosses, professors, and friends. I bless all of them every single day!!!
    NOTE: I also try to give something back by teaching and tutoring (clinical chemistry and biochemistry) students in a Southern university.

  42. Bonnie Schultheiss

    Dr. Stephan Moll literally saved my life on several occasions for a condition which I didn’t know I had. I have had many blood clots over several years, including a pulmonary embolism, and he had always been most knowledgeable, considerate and wonderfully helpful to my local physicians and myself in providing care and instructions to get me through those difficult times. His continued care has allowed me to have a full life, travel and not worry about this potentially life threatening problem. I am so grateful for him and his continued care and research.
    Bonnie Schultheiss, High Point, NC

  43. Andrea Ramos-Lewis

    I’d like to extend my deepest gratitude to Dr. Stuart Gold, Diana Gordon, Dr. Sam Wilson, and Dr. Andrea Hayes-Jordan for providing the most attentive, caring, and comprehensive care for my daughter who was diagnosed with an incredibly rare cancerous tumor last year. Each of these individuals has carefully researched, planned, and executed her treatment plan, and continue to support our family daily as our daughter completes therapy and recovers. We are forever indebted to each of them for loving and caring for our daughter as if she were their own child. There is nowhere else in the world we would rather have her taken care of. -The Ramos-Lewis Family

  44. Dr Reddy

    Many thanks for keeping this old body working.
    Richard Leach

  45. Lyn Zuckerman and Laurie Bowers

    We are forever grateful to Dr. Simon Khagi for his knowledge, compassion and dedication to the care of our mother as she gracefully battled GBM. We are also deeply appreciative for his guidance and support to us, her daughters, who needed to know everything all of of the time! Dr. Khagi, his Team and the entire staff at UNC Women’s Hospital Cancer Center is forever in our hearts.
    Thank you so much.

  46. Jen Eisenmann

    Dr. Jason Lobo is a man of honor, great intelligence and compassion. Preparing for and going through a double lung transplant is the hardest thing I’ve ever done and I’ve lived with cystic fibrosis my whole life. Dr. Lobo was there for me to encourage me and commiserate with me at times. His vast knowledge of lung diseases and lung transplant is amazing and only getting better. I cannot thank him enough for helping save my life more than once and for being an amazing person.

  47. Carolyn Breaks

    Kudos to Dr. Kimberley Kylestra for eighteen years of efficient, careful and caring attention to my medical needs, cares and concerns. Thanks so much for your professionalism and expertise. Carolyn Breaks

  48. Jen Eisenmann

    Dr. Raymond Coakley is an amazing man with great intelligence, tenacity and a mindful presence. Preparing for and going through a double lung transplant was harder than I thought it would be. Dr. Coakley is so extremely knowledgeable about CF and transplant, and even if he didn’t have an answer, he would spend hours doing research to help get to the bottom of things. His dry sense of humor got me through some really tough times. I truly believe it is because of him that I am alive today.

  49. Tomma Hargraves

    I want to send a big thank you to the thoracic oncology team at the UNC Cancer Hospital…. every single one of them is top notch and provides excellent care to lung cancer patients. In particular I want to acknowledge Dr Jared Weiss who has kept me surviving and thriving as a lung cancer patient and now lets me learn from him and help other lung cancer patients as a patient lay navigator.

  50. greg morton

    I am very grateful for the care that I received from Dr. Karen Stitzenberg and her surgical staff in October of 2015. She has followed up with me each year since; as I remain cancer free. She shows compassion and very caring about my well being. Again, thank you Dr. Stitzenberg and the UNC staff.

  51. Rebecca Roberts

    I can not say enough about my sons doctors. Dr. Stewart Gold, Dr. McShane, Dr Scott Elton and the nurses on the 5th and 7th floors in the Children’s hospital. They have taken such great care of my child. From first diagnoses of LCH to caring for him during remission they are beyound superior. I can not thank them enough for all they have done for our family and the quality of life for my son. I will be forever grateful for them and the care they give.

  52. C Cox

    Dr. Matthew Raynor, Urology, UNC, is an amazing surgeon. He robotically removed & reconstructed a congenital defect at the ureter/kidney juncture & he also removed two kidney stones to boot. This occurred in the fall of 2016 and I still have a full and grateful heart for his expertise and his caring demeanor. I told you, you had a gift, Dr. R–and I still believe that. Thank you again for your service to all UNC patients!

  53. Laurie Bowers and Lyn Zuckerman

    Thank you so much to Dr. Lindsay Wilson for her care and compassion to our mother for many years. Dr. Wilson was an exceptional listener for our mother. We will always be grateful for her time and thoughtfulness in taking loving care of our dear mother.
    Thank you!

  54. Frances A.

    Dr. George A. Stouffer, UNCH Heart Vascular CTR Cardio specialist,
    has provided excellent care for my aging circulatory needs, since I
    became a Chapel Hill, resident in 2006.
    My deep gratitude for his excellent care

  55. H. Tyler & Opal Buchanan

    Thank you Dr. Levonne Powell-Tillman, primary care internist for five years of efficient and thorough attention to my medical needs and concerns. I get an appointment when needed and rarely have to wait past my appointment time to see you. You take ample time to listen attentively and respond appropriately keeping information simple and easy to understand. I sincerely appreciate your professionalism and expertise.

  56. Sally Herndon

    I would like to thank Dr. Adam Goldstein for all the work that he and his talented teams are doing to prevent and treat tobacco addiction in North Carolina and the nation. His leadership has inspired many partners over the years to adopt evidence-based tobacco treatment for in clinical practices, and health systems. His teaching is inspiring new leadership through the Duke-UNC Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist Training. His evaluation of interventions to prevent and reduce tobacco use and exposure to secondhand smoke has helped NC make solid investments that save lives and save money. He is helping guide leaders in our state and the nation to thoughtfully address the latest challenge in tobacco control, which is the e-cigarette epidemic among young people. Thank you so much for your leadership.

  57. Barbara Stephens

    We would like to thank Dr. Sasha Tuchman and his staff for taking care of me during my journey with multiple myeloma. Although there is no cure yet for multiple myeloma, Dr. Tuchman continues to come up with innovative options to make my life better. My husband Bob and I are grateful for his guidance, compassion, friendliness and upbeat personality. Most of all, we are eternally grateful for giving us hope. Thank you for everything!

  58. Amanda Young

    Dr. Saira Sheikh is the best of the best! I would like to thank her for first putting up with me, (I’m not an easy case and require attention even when she is on vacation halfway around the world, still sorry about that) and second for never giving up and always trying to find an answer! She works tirelessly to help her patients and frankly I have no idea how she does it. I will forever be indebted to her for all she has done for me. She has saved my life numerous times and doesn’t seem to get irritated with me, or she hides it well, one or the other! 🙂 But seriously she is the best. She deserves so much and I hope and pray she is forever blessed. Thank you for everything!

  59. Anonymous

    My deepest gratitude to Dr. Kevin Brown for changing my life with the miracle of hearing. Because of the cochlear implant that I received in October I cam hear well for the first time in years. Dr. Brown guided my journey to hearing clearly in a friendly, patient, and caring manner and filled my heart with hope. Dr. Brown, a great doctor and surgeon, thank you for the miracle of hearing.

  60. Barbara Rominger

    Thank you Dr. Brian Throp, Dr. Shockley, Dr. Grilley-Olsen. Couldn’t have had more caring Doctors than these three.
    There’s not enough words, what these 3 Doctors have done for me. The concern for their patients are most rewarding.
    5 years ago I was diagnose with Angiosarcoma tumor . Surgery was done, Had another one appear last May. Started Immunchemo
    now no sign of any. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

  61. Robert Heatwole

    We moved to NC in November of 2017 and I met Dr. Zeidner about a week later. In December we discovered I had AML. He was very concerned that my wife was not present and that I had to get the findings alone. He has continued that kind of concern for me as a patient. We have been battling AML together for over a year and I have had more individual phone contacts from Dr. Zeidner than I have from any other Doctor in my 84 years of dealing with doctors. His followup with patients is the best.

  62. Brent Agar

    I would like to honor Dr. Dominika James MD, UNC Pain Management for doctors day. I was a total mess when I first went to her a few years ago. She has worked very hard for me to make my life liveable. Her humor, expertise, compassion and drive is unbelievable. I see her four times a year and she looks at my entire medical situation every time. She has made more of a difference in my life than any other doctor. Thank You Dr. James, from the bottom of my heart.

  63. Donna Monachino

    So many thanks to several doctors. I’ve had two children deal with cancer, and one who was born preterm at UNC 20 years ago.
    Thank you to Dr Gold first of all, for always being so caring and understanding. Making us laugh during some very trying times and always helping me see the positives in everything my son faced.
    Dr Ewend for performing my sons second brain surgery and being so meticulous and compassion. I cannot thank you enough.
    Dr Colette Shen, you have such a bright and positive attitude that the patient and their family cannot help but leave a visit with you feeling uplifted. Your expertise in dealing with my sons radiation is more appreciated than you will ever know.
    Dr Matthew Milowsky for taking such good care of my oldest son at the most difficult time in his life. You cared for him and worked with him so closely and to go above and beyond by calling him yourself when he forgot appointments is the most amazing thing to me.
    Dr Weiner for performing surgery on my son at two days of age and again at 6 months. Working with premature inafants is unimaginable to me, thank you for going into this field, my son likely wouldn’t be here today if not for you.

    So many wonderful doctors at UNC!!!!!!
    Thank you all from the bottom of my heart !!!
    Donna Monachino

  64. B Cox

    Dr. Brad Barnes, who works at the Pediatric
    & Internal Med. Branch at Polks Village on 15/501 is a very caring, up to date, conscientious primary care doc. My wife & I feel & believe, that we genuinely matter to him. We became his patients after Dr. Jon Williams (our doc for 10 yrs) opted to try the new UNC Urgent Care component. Dr. Williams is also, an involved–I-am–here –for–you Doc–just like his colleague, Dr. Barnes. Tx to him, he set up an appt with Dr. Raynor in the Urology Dept., when we were in Barcelona–where my wife experienced a close call with an almost sepsis kidney infection. This was all accomplished on our laptop–my wife was seen by Dr. Raynor, for reconstructive ureter surgery, upon our return from Spain. The surgical plan was seamless –tx to these great docs. We owe you–big time. You have both extended our lives–we know–and with such great humanity. You’re “simply”, THE best. Our gratitude. B&C

  65. Gayle and Denny Zarnt

    Gayle and I have had the privilege of having Dr. Aleman as our primary care physician for more than twenty years. He has always proven to be a very knowledgeable and caring doctor. Quite a few years ago we traveled to visit our daughter during her Peace Corp assignment and I returned with a stomach “bug”. After waiting too long, I finally saw Dr. Aleman. He relentlessly went back to the Lab after they initially came back with no positive analysis and had them retest the samples only to discover an illusive and rare parasite. Fortunately his initial diagnosis was accurate and he relieved my suffering. Through the years he has always positively marched through our changes in life, probing to insure he had an understanding of our situations and offering his best recommendations for us to lead a healthy life. Over the years our check up visits have been very professional and we have all experienced times of true, friendly laughter. We feel very blessed to have Dr. Aleman as our doctor.

  66. Paul Mason

    Thank you Dr. Frances Collichio! Your focus, concern, and compassion have been and remain heartfelt and inspirational to me as your patient. Simply put … YOU ARE THE BEST!!

  67. Ann Trivett

    Dr Scott Commins is one of the most outstanding and caring physicians we have known in our 70 years. He is exemplary of what a great physician should be, and that is our reason for traveling from Nashville to Chapel Hill to see him. There is a tremendous and serious need for alpha gal research, as well as training for other physicians. Dr. Commins is a remarkable scientist-physician in this field. We are confident that through the collaborative efforts that he is leading in research that there will be far reaching benefits that will encompass much more than alpha gal itself for generations to come.

  68. Gina Turner

    Nathan Glorioso NNP-BC in the NCCC was baby Niko’s NP. Niko was in several pods but Nathan always followed us and checked in. He is warm, kind and always took the time to listen and answer my questions. Every day for 3 months in the NCCC was stressful and exhausting. Nathan always had a smile for me which meant the world in what can be a sad place. #babyNiko and I thank you!

  69. Patrice Capan

    Dr. Thomas Keyserling is the most attentive physician I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. He really listens and patiently explains his plan of action. My husband and I both feel lucky to have chosen him as our PCP.

  70. Wilma Stoy

    Thanks for the opportunity to say, Thank you to Dr S.F. Kane of UNC Family Medicine. My pcp and new to me, yet in just 3 visits he has listened and cared about my journey for optimum health, reversing type 2 diabetes an improving as I age. UNC emergency brought me to Family Medicine in 2016 i will be staying. Great Ecperince. Thanks again.

  71. Wilma Stoy

    I have a shout out that is long over due. In 2016 I found myself at the UNC Chapel Hill emergency room, after a long day and first of more health issues to be discover in 2 days, Dr Matthew Scholer was very busy yet kind enough to give me 2 tips!! They did not require medicine and seemed so doable , I did them!! I am still doing them and improving so much two years plus later! A vast improvement to my health, may you always,find the time to care by sharing! The two tips, loose 10 percent of your weight, move 30 min for five days in any increment to get there. Yep 2 tiny numbers I could use and continue to use , I move everyday, up to 12000 steps per day and keep doing the 10% weight reduction, now on my 5th cycle, to date off meds for diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, down 140 pounds. You are the spark from that day Sept 2016 that got me to build a fire, it is burning for my health. Thank you so very much!! Nothing is to small, nothing.

  72. John & Lynne O’Neill

    Dr. Paula Miller has literally been a life saver and advocate since John’s triple bypass in 2000. We are so grateful for her care, support and wisdom over the years which allowed him to retire and live an active life. We celebrate all you have done so “Papa” can enjoy our children and grandchildren.

  73. Suzy Zarzar, RN

    Thank you to all of the UNC Residents who cover GI surgery patients during your residency rotations while in the surgery residency program! I appreciate all the attention given to the patients especially on night shift and checking on all fresh post op patients and answering our pages to keep our patients safe and well cared for . We are so fortunate for our great attending physicians as well in GI who guide and teach these wonderful young doctors in training.

  74. Dan and Paula Daniels

    Dr. Colford has provided excellent care to both of us (and our daughter) over the past nine years. She always takes the time to listen to each of our concerns as well as providing clear medical descriptions for each individual situation. We feel very confident in her caring approach to any medical (or personal situation) we happen to be confronting at the time. It has been a pleasure to be her patients and look forward to many more years with her. She is an excellent doctor and and outstanding individual. UNC should be very proud to have her on your staff.

  75. Marguerite Peaden

    My thanks and greatest appreciation goes to Dr. Stephanie Downes-Canner, my surgical oncologist. She always makes me feel she has time for me and really listens. It’s hard to put into words just how special she is. Cancer is a hard diagnosis to hear, but when you have an excellent surgeon who is warm and friendly it makes it much easier. Thank you Dr. Downes-Canner. I am so glad I went to UNC cancer center. Though in sports I’m an avid Duke fan?, in medicine I’m an avid UNC fan.

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