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You may have noticed the acorn pins proudly displayed on lapels throughout UNC Health Rex. But UNC Rex doesn’t award them, our patients and families do. Grateful patients and families give roots to excellent patient care. Our acorn pins offer a way to express appreciation and help UNC Rex continue to serve the community’s needs. When you make a gift in honor of a UNC Rex teammate, you will not only make their day, you will help them deliver the best possible compassionate care to patients and families.

Outstanding customer service, quality patient care, random acts of kindness – any UNC Rex teammate may be recognized. Nurses, doctors, technicians, as well as teammates who do not provide direct patient care, such as members of housekeeping, food service and volunteers are all eligible.

No matter the size, your gift will make a dfference. Honored staff members will receive recognition and a special memento to honor the impact they have made on patient care at UNC Health Rex.

Download Acorn Form


Once fully completed, please mail the form to the address listed.

Online Form

Once you enter your gift amount and personal information, please be sure to complete the tribute information in order for the honoree to receive their pin.