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$25,000 Matching Gift Ends July 31

Patients Facing Devastating Financial and Emotional Struggles Have Hope, Thanks to You!

Through our Comprehensive Cancer Support Program (CCSP), your gift today will help support patients who are facing financial hardship or need additional services that are critical to their care, including:
  • Financial and Legal Assistance
  • Adolescent and Young Adult Program
  • Counseling and Psychiatric Care
  • Exercise, Health Coaching and Nutrition services
  • Caregiver Support
  • Integrative Oncology Consultation
  • Survivorship Support
โ€œFor our patients who were already vulnerable, and now have cancer, the need for physical, mental and financial support is compounded exponentially. Continued support for our CCSP services is vital so we can help meet these needs in creative ways.โ€
Linnea Van Pelt
Manager, UNC Oncology Support Services
Your gift DOUBLES to help patients in need!

Outpatient Costs for a Day: $172-$332

Consider Becoming a Lineberger Leadership Partner

When you give $1,000 or more within our July-June fiscal year to any area of the cancer center, youโ€™ll become part of an exclusive group of committed supporters known as Lineberger Leadership Partners. Join us to provide todayโ€™s best care and tomorrowโ€™s best hope.


Club: $1,000 โ€“ $4,999
Advocates: $5,000 โ€“ $9,999
Leaders: $10,000 โ€“ $24,999


Club: $25,000 โ€“ $99,999
Circle: $100,000+
To learn about the benefits of membership, please contact Ellen F. Tompkins, Assistant Director of Development, at

Cancer is a leading cause of personal bankruptcy,
even among those with health insurance.

Give today to help a patient in need.