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Make a Forever Difference

Your legacy gift helps ensure the future health of our community is bright!

Creating a legacy gift is a powerful way to advance the health of people across North Carolina and beyond and help save lives for generations. From training the next generation of health care professionals to providing critical funding for research and improving health outcomes — your future commitment to any department or division will help ensure groundbreaking progress continues moving forward. A legacy gift also allows you to make an impact larger than you might think possible while enjoying numerous benefits.

Benefits of a Legacy Gift

  • You control your assets during your lifetime.
  • Your future gift is revocable and can be changed at any time.
  • You can gift cash or other assets in a fixed amount, a percentage of your estate, or as a residuary of your estate.
  • Your future gift could allow you to make a gift larger than you might think possible.
  • Your future gift may provide an estate tax charitable deduction if you have a taxable estate.

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“I knew that my involvement in healthcare was fleeting and limited. Nearing retirement, I pondered how I could contribute to the bigger picture of medical care in the western part of the state. Since UNC took a chance on me, I want to pay it forward by supporting the next generation of physicians here in Western North Carolina.”

Frank Moretz, MD ‘75, legacy gift supporter