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The UNC Children’s fundraising campaign for the UNC Hospital School’s reached its goal of raising more than $25,000 to purchase iPads and school project kits, which have become essential in continuing the school’s mission of educating patients during the pandemic.


“Most students now have streamed classes. Technology allows them to be involved in work from their community schools,” Marny Ruben, Hospital School principal, explained.


Ruben further detailed why these funds are critical to the ongoing success of students, especially as most schools have gone online.


“Philanthropy allows children the opportunity to continue their journey of learning no matter their health condition. Keeping kids on track educationally is crucial, as we want them to leave the hospital ready to return to school once again, on track and unimpeded by their medical conditions.”


Whereas an electronic tablet would have been merely a convenience before, it has become necessary given the current health situation.


“Pre-pandemic there was a much lower need for devices for younger children,” she added. “In addition to this, we are not able to be in the building to keep as close of an eye on devices and returns of devices and chargers.”


The UNC Children’s hospital school serves more than 2,700 patients annually from Pre-K to 12th grade.


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