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Earlier this month, the UNC School of Medicine Class of 2025 took the next step in its journey toward becoming our future healthcare professionals with the beginning of the fall semester. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, this class is once again comprised of the best and brightest from here in North Carolina and around the world.

The class of 2025 is comprised of 190 students selected from nearly 6,500 applicants, and 85 percent of the class are residents of North Carolina. This group has seen a substantial increase in the number of first-generation college students among its numbers, with 18 percent the first in their family to attend college – up from 3 percent in 2019.

This will also be among the most diverse classes ever at the School of Medicine, with the number of Hispanic students more than doubling over the last three cycles. In our July newsletter, it was noted that 54 percent of the class identified as an underrepresented minority. That figure should have stated that 54 students of our class of 190 (28 percent) identified as such.

On behalf of everyone at UNC Health and the UNC School of Medicine, we send our best wishes to the Class of 2025 for a wonderful opening semester.

– Leslie H. Nelson-Bernier
President, UNC Health Foundation

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