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Ashley Wallace, MSN, RN, FNP-C

UNC Health Value Superstars are teammates who exemplify our system values and make a positive impact on our teammates, patients, and communities. This month’s Value Superstar is Ashley Wallace, MSN, RN, FNP-C.

Ashley, a Nurse Practitioner in the UNC Hospitals Newborn Nursery, is Leading the Way by ensuring that our tiniest patients receive exceptional Carolina Care. Her dedication to providing the highest quality of care has led her to spearhead several projects aimed at standardizing care, resulting in enhanced patient outcomes and streamlined workflows for her teammates.

One of Ashley’s significant contributions includes playing a pivotal role in getting newborn standing orders approved, ensuring they are evidence-based and practical for the nursing teammates. Additionally, she co-founded the Newborn Nursery Safety Committee, actively working to review safety reports and implement necessary changes to maintain a safe patient environment.

Ashley’s teammates describe her as thorough, logical, and kind. She is known for bringing the team together during challenging times and using her extensive institutional knowledge to support both her patients and her team.

Ashley is a team player and a great example for our resident team. She has a deep sense of responsibility for her work and her patients, shares Alison Sweeney, Associate Professor of Pediatrics in the Department of Pediatric Hospital Medicine and UNC Hospitals Newborn Nursery Medical Director, who nominated Ashley as a UNC Health Value Superstar. She makes the team she works with feel both supported and valued. Her commitment to ethical and equal patient care sets a high standard for everyone around her.

Ashley finds inspiration in the opportunity to provide high-quality care and advocate for newborns and their families. Working closely with families to guide them through the initial challenges of parenthood is so rewarding, and I am fortunate to have a job that brings me so much joy, Ashley says.

Ashley’s meticulous nature, leadership, and unwavering dedication make her an invaluable asset to UNC Health. Thank you, Ashley, for leading the way and for all you do as part of our One Great Team.

*Leading the Way:

  • We make a difference by improving lives every day and training the next generation of health care leaders.
  • Our research is changing the world.​
  • We provide innovative care.​

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