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#ValuesSuperStars: Dr. Alyssa Flippo – Leading the Way Wherever, Whenever Needed

Over the last couple years, the story of audiologist Dr. Alyssa Flippo has become both familiar and special. Her story provides yet another example of Leading the Way across our One Great Team – and is why Dr. Flippo has been recognized as one of our UNC Health #ValuesSuperStars.

Multiple teammates nominated Dr. Flippo for going above and beyond in her role during the COVID-19 pandemic to help improve the health and well-being of all North Carolinians.

In the early days of COVID, “Dr. Flippo was one of the first to volunteer. She said, ‘Where do they need help?’” said Dr. English King, an a

Head shot of Dr. Alyssa Flippo
Dr. Alyssa Flippo

udiology teammate who nominated Dr. Flippo. “Dr. Flippo was sincere in wanting to help wherever, whenever needed.”

Throughout 2020, Dr. Flippo assisted teammates in Occupational Health Services (OHS). Dr. King said that Dr. Flippo transitioned from answering hotline calls to entering data; then, to serving on the COVID exposure team. Then, she jumped to coordinating and managing schedules for hotline teammates. Finally, she was asked to orient new staff, and cross-trained and leader-trained other teammates.

Dr. King shared similar thoughts in her nomination of Dr. Flippo, saying Dr. Flippo got to work “without hesitation and with a positive attitude and balanced perspective. She responded with professionalism and grace. She is a role model in establishing positive relationships.”

Most importantly, Dr. Flippo kept her teammates safe and continues to keep them safe, Dr. King said. “In that role, a lot of the protocols and quality processes Dr. Flippo put in place for COVID exposure to report data to our leaders are still being utilized by our hospital system.”

When asked what inspires her contributions and resilience, Dr. Flippo said she draws strength and motivation from the team. “I have a huge pride and loyalty to this place. I work amongst excellent providers who are huge problem solvers and hard workers,” she said. “You don’t come [here] because it’s easy. You come because this is the best place. I’m thankful, and I’m really proud to be amongst people who check on me, and I hope I do the same.”

Thank you, Dr. Alyssa Flippo, for being one of our #ValuesSuperStars and part of our One Great Team.

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