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#ValuesSuperStars Larry Harralson – Called to Care

Head shot of Larry Harralson
Larry Harralson

Many healthcare professionals feel called to serve. For Larry Harralson, the call began with his father’s cancer diagnosis.

“I felt like God pulled me in this direction, and ever since then, I feel it’s been a blessing,” said Larry, a radiation therapist at Caldwell UNC Health Care who has been chosen as one of UNC Health’s #ValuesSuperStars.

Throughout her 30 years in health care, Larry’s teammate and senior radiation therapist Lynda Hendren has encountered many radiation therapists. She believes that the best therapists show the kind of care Larry exhibits. “To see his interaction with the staff and the patients, it’s been a real blessing,” she said. “He just genuinely cares for everyone! He’s always trying to be positive and do his best.”

Lynda sees Larry’s healing touch in all the ways he cares for patients. “He is consistently looking for ways to help patients, including giving them food, walking them out and speaking with them. His inner core is to be an advocate for his patients,” Lynda shares.

Larry believes he is simply bringing the care that is expected of him as a health care professional. “We go into this field because it’s what we want to do for people – to give to the patients, to give back and to show people we care and we love,” he said. To Larry, the example set by teammates and the support they provide are both essential to growing Carolina Care. “Follow the lead from each other… feed off each other,” Larry said.

While it was Lynda who recognized Larry, he believes it should’ve been the other way around. “I should be doing this [recognition] for Lynda,” he said. “I’m growing in this field. I’ve learned a ton from her. What she’s witnessing is what she’s molded.”

Thank you, Larry Harralson, for being one of our #ValuesSuperStars and part of our One Great Team.

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