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Leading the Way by Weaving a Tapestry of Care

Laurie O’Bryan helps manage a team of more than 65 registered nurses in the Nurse Connect Department (also known as HealthLink), who provide telehealth triage assessments and care advice to patients over the phone. Nurse Connect is part of the CASI Outpatient Access Center. Her team works 24 hours, 7 days a week, primarily offering assistance to patients after hours or when clinics are closed on holidays and weekends.

Laurie O’Bryan

A member of the Nurse Connect team since 1996, Laurie has seen the department grow from a small call center to a team that now supports 180 practices. “It’s an access-driven service,” shares Laurie. “When patients need help, they have a way to get help.”

During the UNC Health COVID-19 pandemic response, Laurie’s team has supported COVID-19 treatment access. These treatments are offered throughout UNC Health and help to reduce hospital admissions and mortality due to COVID-19 related illness for high-risk patients. These efforts have been especially impactful during the surges UNC Health experienced in late 2021 and early 2022.

Laurie’s leadership, especially during COVID-19, is what drove Patrick Nagle, Nurse Connect Director, to nominate Laurie as one of our UNC Health #ValueSuperStars.

“It is important to recognize leaders like Laurie. She has demonstrated the ability to work with multiple teams and ultimately connect patients to high quality care”, said Patrick when discussing Laurie’s nomination. “Having the experience of working with Laurie and seeing how she is able to create this tapestry within our own team and link to care with teams throughout the UNC Health System – it has made a tremendous difference for patients and a positive impact in our COVID-19 response.”

Laurie knows that it takes One Great Team to provide positive outcomes for patients. Throughout the COVID response, Laurie has worked with a variety of teams to make the COVID Therapeutics Workflow an effective way to reduce hospitalizations and/or complications due to COVID.

“Telehealth wasn’t so popular before [COVID]… [and] now it’s recognized as a necessary avenue to provide care. That’s what drives me. The value we are able to provide patients. Whether they are at the far end of the state, out of state or sometimes out of the country. It’s a great way to patients to have [access to resources] I believe in… andthat’s what drives me the most,” explains Laurie. “We have a truly unique team, and a great culture with our nurses and administrative teammates. It’s really, truly a family. I am [proud to be] a part of this team and of the support we’re able to provide patients.”

Thank you, Laurie O’Bryan, for being one of our UNC Health #ValuesSuperStars and part of our One Great Team.

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