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Pam Stanley – I Stand by It Starts With Me

Recognizing the needs of your teammates and jumping in to offer assistance – without hesitation – is the epitome of UNC Health’s value, It Starts With Me.

Pam Stanley

Pam Stanley, a Lab Assistant and Phlebotomist at Chatham Hospital in Siler City, is a shining example of these values.

“Pam always goes above and beyond to help in any way that she can – whether it is for her teammates or for patients,” shares Michelle Hamrick, Clinical Lab Supervisor. “If there is a shift that needs covering, she always volunteers… no matter what.”

Johnsie Hubble, Infection Prevention Nurse, echoes Michelle’s comments, “Pam is great at helping everyone. She goes out of her way to not just help patients, but teammates as well

There is no shortage of examples of Pam’s willingness to help, including her nomination for #ValuesSuperStars.

“Pam came to the Emergency Department (ED) with her cart because she noticed how busy the ED was getting. She proceeded to collect labs (blood) from patients in the waiting room, which was extremely helpful and shows strong initiative to help her fellow teammates,” submitted Autumn Lewis, Clinical Nursing Supervisor.

Pam humbly shares this recognition with the entire laboratory team. “It’s not a ‘Pam’ thing, it’s a ‘Lab’ thing. I’m just doing my job. I’m very grateful to be a part of Chatham Hospital and a part of the Lab team. I know everyone here would do the same thing.”

“Helping the ED without being asked is actually an idea I got from dayshift,” Pam, who typically works nights, continued. “I took it upon myself to do it at night as well. I know the ED really appreciates it.”

What motivates Pam? Her patients and community.

“I believe in the statement It Starts With Me and I try to stand by that. Everything I do is for my patients and my hometown hospital. [Siler City] is where I grew up and where I was born. I want to make sure that we care for our community and provide positive patient experiences,” states Pam. “Being a small hospital, we know our patients. Some are here regularly and I enjoy building relationships with them. I want to keep that hometown feel and do the best we can.”

Pam’s actions remind all teammates of the importance of caring for each other. “What you do matters. Every little thing matters. A thank you and a smile goes a long way. It takes everyone in the hospital to provide excellent care.”

Thank you Pam, for being one of our UNC Health #ValuesSuperStars and part of our One Great Team.

To all of our Laboratory Professionals – thank you for your care and dedication to our patients! Happy Medical Laboratory Professionals Week (April 24 – 30)!

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