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#ValuesSuperStars: Saymla Badweh – Healing Through Prayer and a Personal Touch

Head shot of Saymla Badweh
Saymla Badweh

A prayer and a handwritten note both have the power to help patients heal. For Shelly Strickland, it was these gestures from housekeeper Saymla Badweh that recently provided much needed Carolina Care for her family.

Shelly, senior HIM operations specialist at UNC Rex Healthcare, shared her heartfelt gratitude by nominating her teammate Saymla as one of UNC Health’s #ValuesSuperStars. Saymla brought much needed strength to Shelly’s family by going above and beyond her typical duties.

Recently, Shelly’s mother was a patient at Rex for a long, hard month. The duration of the stay began to take a heavy toll on her family’s spirits. Then, one day, things changed.

Shelly visited her mother’s room, just as she had throughout her stay. However, this time, she found something special. Her parents had received a note from Saymla Badweh, their 5 West housekeeper. It brought them joy and hope, Shelly said.

“[Saymla] had personally hand-written a little note to them, letting them know that she was praying for them and wanting to them to get better,” Shelly said.

She described how her parents’ faces lit up at this warm gesture, which “made their last week a lot better.” The note offered a morale boost to the family.

Small acts of kindess can mean the world to those around you. “[Saymla] is doing this for all her patients, which takes time and shows me she cares about what she’s doing and about who she is doing it for,” Shelly said. “It’s a stressful time. To take the time to write each card is very impressive and shows she cares for all of the patients.”

“Sometimes it’s a handwritten note and a prayer that can mean the world,” Shelly said. Shelly’s entire family was touched by Saymla’s show of Carolina Care. “Saymla has blessed [my parents] so much,” Shelly said. “I want everyone to know how very much I appreciated her that day and to know that we have such wonderful people [at UNC Rex healthcare].”

Thank you, Saymla Badweh, for being one of our #ValuesSuperStars and part of our One Great Team.

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