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Sherri DudleyA visit to a hospital can be scary, unexpected and confusing. Patient Engagement Navigators help make your hospital stay easier. It’s their job to make you feel heard, help you understand hospital processes and help ensure a well-coordinated experience.

“We work in a place that is scary. You usually come to the hospital because something happened that is unpleasant,” shares Sherri Dudley, Patient Engagement Navigator at Nash UNC Health Care and this week’s UNC Health #ValuesSuperStars featured teammate. “We have the opportunity to help make things a little less scary and to help make a patient’s stay more pleasant.”

“To me, [a positive patient experience] always starts with the Navigators,” adds Lorie Silver, Nash UNC Health Care Patient Engagement Supervisor.

“I know how I want to be treated, and that’s how I treat others,” continues Sherri. “We’re here to serve the community. Being able to communicate and answer questions, and taking the time for kindness and a meaningful relationship, means a lot to our patients.”

The patient connection is extremely important to Sherri. In May, she visited 690 patients. She finished the fiscal year with close to 6,000 rounds. Her attitude, the example she sets and her dedication to her patients stands out to her teammates.

“Sherri is selfless and always puts the team and patients above all else. She is flawless in her rounds and is passionate about ensuring that every patient and family she has the opportunity to visit has the best experience and the best care possible,” says Lorie. “She doesn’t get flustered, she doesn’t get upset – and if she does, no one sees it. Sherri sets an example and makes a point to say that great care and great service starts with her.”

Thank you, Sherri Dudley, for being one of our UNC Health #ValuesSuperStars and part of our One Great Team.

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