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#ValuesSuperStars Yuri Jean-Baptiste – Making Your Day Better

Headshot of Yuri Jean-Baptiste
Yuri Jean-Baptiste

Yuri Jean-Baptiste, a certified athletic trainer, is an expert at improving the day of those around him and that is why he stands out as one of UNC Health’s #ValuesSuperStars.

In 2015, Yuri started at UNC Faculty Physicians. A year and a half ago, he joined the Panther Creek clinic. “From the day he started, he’s always been willing to chip in. Always putting everyone before him. Always about teamwork,” Nancy Romeo, administrative office supervisor, said.

Yuri has always had a passion for helping other people. Coming from a family of doctors and medical professionals is part of what led him to healthcare. “I want to be able to help somebody’s day get better, and to be a part of that,” Yuri said. Nancy agreed. “He just wants to look out for his teammates as well as the patients,” she said.

Nancy is also quick to point out the daily impact of the example Yuri sets. “Just today, we had someone call off, and that person was supposed to stay late,” she said. “Yuri automatically said, ‘I’ll stay late.’”

Yuri recently returned from paternity leave following the birth of his first child. While he was gone, “clinics didn’t run as smoothly,” Nancy said. “We rely on him so much. He’s always one step ahead.”

Yuri said he makes a clear connection between his role as an athletic trainer and his new role as a proud dad. “It starts by taking care of yourself,” he said. “And it’s always good to remember you’re also doing this for a greater purpose – something bigger than ourselves.” This mindset exemplifies It Starts with Me.

Teammates at UNC Orthopaedics at Panther Creek recognize Yuri’s contributions towards the healthcare system’s mission to improve the health and well-being of North Carolinians. “Everyone here really loves Yuri,” Nancy said.

Thank you, Yuri Jean-Baptiste, for being one of our #ValuesSuperStars and part of our One Great Team.


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