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Imagine going to your gynecologist for an appointment and finding out you are pregnant. Just two months into the pregnancy, you learn you have cancer. This is the story of Angela C. Rogers.

Although we were cousins, we were raised like sisters and called each other sister-cousins. She had her first child, a son, at 20. Five years later, she was diagnosed with leukemia but still gave birth to a healthy baby girl.
In addition to being a great mom, Angela was career driven, an active member of our family reunion board, and involved in her church and community. She also had a passion for music, was a church choir member and led a dance team at her church called the Turner Station Angelic Dance Movement. She loved singing, writing, and just being around her family.

Angela had an extraordinary relationship with her mother, a bond with lots of love and prayers. She had a devoted husband, and their love for each other shone the light of agape love. Her mother and husband walked hand-in-hand throughout the entire journey. No matter what the doctors told her, they prayed and kept their heads up, providing her with the most vital support and surrounding her with love, care, positivity, and speaking life into darkness.

Her journey consisted of several biopsies, bone marrow transplant, septic infection, hip replacement, skin inflammation, chemotherapy, weak immune system, lung issues, CAT scans, MRI, ultrasounds, x-rays, hair loss, endoscopy, and colonoscopy. With all of these challenges, she never lost her beautiful smile and love for her family.

Angela was a fighter and a dedicated advocate for leukemia awareness and prevention. During her journey, she wrote a book, “Keep Fighting,” sharing her trials with leukemia that became her testimony empowering others on the same journey.

Her legacy will continue in her honor by continuing to inspire and encourage others by sharing knowledge and resources to support others that walk in the same journey. With your help, patients and families will know about resources there to assist them through treatment and beyond.

The family would like to send a special THANK YOU to oncologist Dr. Armistead and the health care team at UNC for their support, for sharing their thoughts and prayers, and for attending her celebration of life ceremony.



in memory of

Angela C. Rogers