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Who do we make checks payable to?

Please make checks payable to UNC Health Foundation. In the memo line, please list the name of the event. Send all collected checks to UNC Health Foundation, Attention: Elizabeth Rubio, P. O. Box 1050, Chapel Hill, NC 27514.

Can UNC Lineberger provide me with letters and tax receipts for my supporters?

Yes, there are several letters UNC Lineberger can provide. However, please note that we are unable to provide tax receipts for gifts or contributions that are not received by or made payable directly to UNC Health Foundation/UNC Lineberger. Documents that we can provide are as follows:
• Authorization letters to be used to validate the authenticity of the event and its organizer.
• Acknowledgment letters and tax receipts for contributions made payable directly to UNC Health Foundation/UNC Lineberger.

Can I use the UNC Lineberger tax-exempt number to buy supplies related to my event?

No, UNC Lineberger cannot provide our tax-exempt number to event organizers to make purchases related to their event. However, if a business makes an in-kind donation to your event and would like the tax-exempt number for tax purposes or to verify the tax status of UNC Lineberger, we will provide the tax identification number to that business upon request.

Who will cover my event expenses?

The event organizer is responsible for covering all expenses for their event. Your event costs should be deducted from the funds raised prior to sending the donation to UNC Lineberger.

Who will help run my event?

We recommend that you form a committee of friends, family and others who are excited about your cause. They can play an important role in providing support during your event and throughout the planning. The Director of Special Events at UNC Lineberger will be able to provide guidance. However, due to staff and time constraints, we are not able to manage your event for you.

Can I use UNC Lineberger’s name and logo to promote my event?

Of course! Prior to use, please be sure to submit all materials on which you would like to use the UNC Lineberger name and/or logo. Logos are found on our website branding page at this link: Also, please provide UNC Lineberger all invitation copy, advertisements, and printed materials related to the event before printing and distribution.

Will UNC Lineberger help spread the word about my event?

As soon as your event application is received and approved, we are happy to help promote it on our website and in appropriate UNC Lineberger publications and social media.

Can UNC Lineberger solicit corporate sponsorships or donations for my event?

We cannot solicit sponsors or donations for your event; however, we are happy to provide you with a sample letter to aid in your sponsor and donation solicitation efforts.

Can UNC Lineberger provide me with a list of supporters?

We cannot provide mailing lists of donors, patients, physicians, staff or vendors, as it is our policy to keep these records confidential.

Can UNC Lineberger set up a fund-raising website for my event?

We are happy to set up a registration and/or donation website for your event. This is a convenience to your supporters, allowing them to pay with a credit card directly to UNC Lineberger. We will acknowledge all donations and registrations made on our fund-raising website. Any monies collected through this website will be considered a donation, and cannot be used to pay expenses for your event.