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Fundraise on Behalf of UNC Lineberger

In-Kind Donations

UNC Lineberger accepts a variety of in-kind donations. If you are interested in donating a vacation home or other in-kind contribution for auctioning off at a UNC Lineberger event, please contact Elizabeth Rubio at (919) 966-5905.

In-kind donations to the Comprehensive Cancer Support Program (CCSP) provide much-needed support, resources and comfort to families at UNC dealing with a cancer diagnosis. If you have questions or would like to arrange a time for delivery, contact the CCSP at (919) 966-3494 or

Planned Giving

Benefits of documenting a Planned Gift

While it is not necessary for you to share a copy of your will or estate documents with UNC Lineberger, both you and UNC Lineberger benefit when you document your intent for making a planned gift.

Why is it important to document your planned gift? Please consider these benefits:

  • You will be recognized for your gift during your lifetime with a permanent membership in both the School of Medicine’s Berryhill Society and the university’s prestigious Gerrard Society, and as such, you will benefit from stewardship events and functions for planned giving donors
  • As a planned giving donor you will have the opportunity to fully appreciate the impact of your gift through regular updates and opportunities to meet with faculty and staff
  • By documenting your own planned gift, you serve as an example for other supporters who may follow your lead
  • You allow the cancer center to account for your gift and thereby play a role in helping us financially project and plan for the future

For more information, please contact us at (919) 966-5905.

Download the UNC Lineberger Planned Giving Form (PDF)

Sample Bequest Language

The following provides sample language for making a bequest, conveyed through your will, in support of UNC Lineberger.

Endowment Funds

I give, devise and bequeath___________percent (___%) of my residuary estate [or, the sum of _________dollars ($____)] to UNC Health Foundation (the “Foundation”), located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina for UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center. UNC Lineberger shall treat this bequest as part of its endowment, and the income paid out of the Fund shall be used for the benefit of the UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in any matter in which the Director of the UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center deems appropriate.

Expendable Funds

I give, devise and bequeath___________percent (___%) of my residuary estate [or, the sum of _________dollars ($____)] to UNC Health Foundation (the “Foundation”), located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina for UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center. These funds shall be expended for the benefit of the UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center in any matter in which the Director of the UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center deems appropriate.


If you wish to restrict the use of these funds, we encourage you to contact a member of our development staff at (919) 966-5905 for assistance.

Also, we request that you include the following paragraph:

If, in the opinion of the Board of Directors of the Foundation, all or part of the gift cannot appropriately be used in the manner herein described, the Board many use the gift for other purposes as nearly aligned to my original intent as the Board deems appropriate under the circumstances.

Naming Opportunities

In recognition of significant investments in research, education, outreach and care, we are pleased to offer a variety of named gift opportunities.

Our staff is available to help identify the best naming opportunity for you. Please call (919) 966-5905 or email us for more detailed information and to further explore options for making a named gift.

Seed Grants for New Ideas in Cancer Research

The UNC Lineberger Seed Grant Program gives researchers the opportunity to develop new and promising ideas for cancer research, early detection and prevention. In an increasingly competitive funding environment, seed grants play a critical role in accelerating novel ideas, helping new investigators get started and providing preliminary data to pursue large federally funded grants aimed at transformative breakthroughs in care. Opportunities for establishing a permanently endowed, named seed grant fund begin at $50,000.

Support for People, Research and Clinical Programs

UNC Lineberger offers a wide spectrum of naming opportunities for investments in human capital, discovery and care—including endowed chairs, professorships and fellowships as well as named cancer research and patient assistance funds. You may also make a named gift in support of a specific disease or program. Our staff is available to further discuss these and other options tailored to your personal interests and philanthropic goals.

N.C. Cancer Hospital Named Spaces

Specific rooms and areas within the N.C. Cancer Hospital may be dedicated in the names of individuals, families, foundations or corporations. We are pleased to recognize these gifts with attractive and prominent signage on a donor wall in the hospital lobby as well as in the room. For a complete list and additional information, please contact a member of our major giving team at (919) 966-5905.

Donating Stock

Transferring appreciated securities is an excellent way to support UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center’s breakthrough research and receive double tax benefits.

Transferring Securities Held Electronically

Your bank or broker may transfer stock to UNC’s brokerage account with the information below:

Brokerage: Wells Fargo Advisors
Account Name: UNC-Chapel Hill
Account Number: 89994225
DTC Number: 0141
Contact: Todd Rust (800) 334-1637

Please notify your transfer by filling out this stock notification form or by calling the Development and Communications office at (919) 966-5905. Often, shares are transferred into our account without a donor’s name. This information will enable us to match your name with the correct stock gift and ensure the funds are designated to UNC Lineberger.

Transferring Securities in Certificate Form

Please send by first-class mail or hand deliver the unendorsed certificate(s) along with a letter of transmittal which includes your name, address and where you want the gift designated. Send to:

Candace Clark, Director of Gift Services
Office of University Development
Post Office Box 309
Chapel Hill, NC 27514-0309

In a separate envelope, mail to the same address a copy of the transmittal letter along with a stock power executed in blank for each stock certificate you are donating. You should sign one stock power for each stock certificate and have your signature guaranteed by a bank officer. The bank officer should not date the signature guarantee. For most expedient handling, do not fill in the University’s name as transferee on either the stock certificate or the stock power and do not send the stock certificates to a transfer agent for transfer into the University’s name.

If your certificate represents more shares than you wish to donate, you must provide your social security number and a letter detailing how many shares you wish to donate and how many shares should be re-issued in your name. It generally takes four to six weeks to receive your new certificate.

If you prefer to have your certificate re-registered, the shares that you wish to donate to UNC should be registered to “The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.” The tax identification number is 56-6001393.

Donating Real Estate

UNC Lineberger welcomes your gifts of unencumbered real estate, which may be an outright gift or used to fund a lifetime income arrangement such as a charitable gift annuity. Real estate includes homes, condominiums, commercial businesses, residential properties and agricultural and undeveloped land. The gift can be for all of your interest in the property or an undivided fractional interest.

Why make a gift of real estate?

Some may want to simplify their lives by disposing of their real estate holdings, but an outright sale might create a large capital gains tax. An outright gift to UNC Lineberger will provide a significant charitable tax deduction and will avoid capital gains taxes.

If you choose to fund a charitable gift annuity with your appreciated property, there are also significant benefits:

A federal tax deduction for the gift portion of the annuity;

A portion of every annuity payment will be federal tax free, increasing the annuity payout rate; and

The gain associated with the annuity portion can be spread out over the donor’s life expectancy rather than being recognized all in the year of the transfer.

Find out more about opportunities for donating real property.

Conditions and Process

All gifts of real estate must be approved by the University’s property committee. The first step in the process is for our office to gather as much information as possible about the property. After we have collected the needed information (examples listed below) and secured our own appraisal and an environmental assessment, a recommendation is made by the University’s Property Committee. Once the property has been accepted by the University, you can then transfer the property to Carolina. For your planning purposes, it is important to note that our due diligence process can take from one to two months to complete.

Matching Gifts

Find out if your employer has a matching gift policy

Please choose UNC Chapel Hill when selecting on your matching gift site. The tax ID is 56-6001393. When requesting the matching gift through your employer, please use the email address

Your employer’s human resources department should be able to provide the appropriate forms for making a matching gift.