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NICU Expansion to Care for More Newborns

Do you have a personal connection to neonatal care and want to support our new NICU in a meaningful way? Naming opportunities are available. Please contact UNC Children’s Director of Development Jinhee Lee at or 856-534-0140.

UNC Children’s will soon be able to offer more space for critical care to newborns at our renovated Level IV Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Through strong partnerships with multiple health systems across the state, UNC Children’s Newborn Critical Care Center receives multiple referrals from all over North Carolina. We currently provide care for more than 900 infants each year, but due to space constraints, patients and families are sometimes turned away.

This much-needed expansion will allow more newborns to be brought in sooner to receive care for needs related to:

• Premature birth

• Congenital anomalies

• Breathing problems

• Illnesses requiring complex surgery

• Infections

• Feeding problems and more

an infant at UNC Children's NICUFacilities

When completed in January 2024, the NICU will offer:

• 16 more patient rooms for a total of 74

• a family lounge and support room

• staff lounge

• clinical work spaces

• a business reception center

• staff and conference spaces

Naming Opportunities

We are poised to do great things in this space, and you can help us set up our new NICU to be even greater!

All of these new spaces have naming opportunities available at various levels. Naming a space in the NICU is a wonderful way to celebrate your family, create a lasting remembrance, inspire parents and families for generations to come, and help to ensure the best possible start for for future NICU newborns.

an infant and mom at UNC Children's NICU

More Space for Our Tiniest Patients – and their Families

At UNC Children’s Newborn Critical Care Center (NCCC), parents are an important part of every baby’s care team and are encouraged to spend as much time as possible with their baby. The newly renovated NICU will feature state-of-the-art, inviting and comfortable patient rooms to support parents and family during what can be an emotionally challenging time.

Neonatal care teams include doctors, nurses, pediatric pharmacists and therapists who specialize in helping premature and critically ill newborn babies grow stronger. Our new NICU will be an excellent environment to train the next generation of neonatal-perinatal physicians and neonatal nurse practitioners, along with other practitioners who specialize in working with newborns experiencing complications.

For more information please contact UNC Children’s Director of Development Jinhee Lee at or 856-534-0140.