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While on the Shelter Tour in Philadelphia in November 2016, Porter Robinson received a call that would change his life forever. His younger brother, Mark was in the hospital gravely ill and was eventually diagnosed with a rare form of fast-growing cancer called Burkitt lymphoma. Porter is starting a fund in coordination with UNC Medicine called the Robinson Malawi Fund. If you would like to join the cause, we appreciate your gift as every dollar helps.

After intensive treatment in the hospital at the University of North Carolina, Mark was cured! One of his UNC doctors, Dr. Kate Westmoreland, leads the pediatric cancer program at UNC Project-Malawi. She believes that children in Malawi deserve the same shot at life.

In the US, Burkitt lymphoma is very rare and more than 90 percent of children are cured and survive. In Malawi, it is the most common childhood cancer, and survival rate can be as low as 29%. With your help, doctors can better understand how to treat this cancer all over the world, and save the lives of more children like Mark.




Help doctors better understand how to treat this cancer all over the world in order to save more children’s lives.


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