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Impact Series: Resilience and Well-Being with a Cancer Diagnosis

This May 2022 Impact Series webinar features UNC Health brain tumor treatment leaders—Drs. Matt Ewend, Yasmeen Rauf, Colette Shen, Michael Catalino—and patients they have treated. Special Guest Christina Costa, a brain cancer survivor, describes her experience after she was diagnosed with cancer and how she channels her research in “positive psychology” to persevere and thrive.

Download Christina Costa’s slides and poems here. 

UNC Health Game Changers – Dr. David Weber

COVID-19 has changed so much since we last heard from Dr. David Weber, Medical Director for Infection Prevention at the UNC Medical Center. Join Dr. Weber and Dr. Wesley Burks, CEO of UNC Health, as they discuss the omicron variant, the incubation period and illness severity, along with the best forms of treatment.

Dr. Weber’s Jan. 19 Presentation (PDF)

Student Health Action Coalition – Nov. 30

For more than 50 years, Student Health Action Coalition (SHAC), the nation’s oldest student-run free clinic, has provided free health services to uninsured and underinsured families seeking care. Join us as we hear from the CEOs of SHAC and how the clinic has evolved from a few medical students working from a private residence to a large, free health clinic.

SHAC Tar Heal Tuesday Presentation (PDF)

UNC Health Game Changers – Child and Adolescent Mental Health

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned an existing child and adolescent behavioral health crisis into an overwhelming epidemic affecting families across the nation, and especially here in North Carolina. Join Dr. Samantha Meltzer-Brody for a look at how UNC Health is working to provide innovative and impactful care to improve mental health for our future generations.

UNC Department of Psychiatry Mental Health Update (PDF)

UNC Health Game Changers – Oct. 20

Join Dr. David Weber, Medical Director of UNC Hospitals’ Infection Program, for an update on COVID-19 and how to best protect yourself and others in this new phase of the pandemic. Dr. Weber addresses the latest public health impact of COVID-19 and looks ahead at the role boosters, pediatric vaccines and developing therapies will play moving forward.

Public Health Impact of COVID-19 (PDF)

Vaccine and Therapy Game Changers (PDF)


UNC Health COVID-19 Game Changers – Sept. 10

After a slowing of COVID-19 cases in our state earlier this summer, we are now experiencing another spike due in large part to the Delta variant. Join David Weber, Medical Director of UNC Hospitals’ Infection Prevention, on the Delta variant, vaccine boosters and what to expect in this new phase of the COVID-19 pandemic.

SARS-CoV-2 – A Constantly Evolving Threat (PDF)