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UNC Health COVID-19 Game Changers – April 20

Viruses are constantly changing, and new variants often arise. Hear from Dr. David Weber, Medical Director of UNC Hospitals’ Infection Prevention, as he gives an update on COVID-19 vaccines and variants.

April 20 COVID-19 Update (PDF)

Heart Failure and Contemporary Management

Learn the unique influences that can predispose women to heart failure and the symptoms they should look out for. You will also hear about treatment challenges and innovative therapies in management. Featured speakers are Lisa J. Rose-Jones, MD, FACC, and Thelsa Thomas Weickert, MD.

The Future of Heart Health

Advances in heart health are constantly evolving. Dr. Matthew Baker gives a brief overview and update in atrial fibrillation and updates in management. Dr. Casey Gazda discusses the current technology and recent advancements in the areas of cardiac CT, cardiac MRI, and other advanced imaging modalities. We focus on use of these imaging modalities as they relate to women’s cardiovascular health.

Everyday Steps to Taking Care of Your Heart

So much affects your heart including what you eat, exercise and balance. Join three experts who give you tips on nutrition, home-based cardiac exercise and how to prevent falls.

The Importance of Knowing Your Numbers

Donna Curtis McClatchey, Sylvia Hatchell and Dr. Paula Miller talk about the importance of women’s cardiovascular health. Dr. Miller discusses why knowing your numbers can help save your life and how best to talk with your healthcare provider about heart risks.

Depression, Stress and Cardiovascular Disease

Depression and stress affect so much of the body, especially your cardiovascular health. In this webinar, hear from Dr. Lindsey Rosman on the effects of stressors on the heart and how to protect your health.