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UNC Health Values Superstars are teammates who exemplify our System Values and make a positive impact on our teammates, patients and communities.

This month’s Values Superstar is Clayton Menzie, UNC Health Emergency Response Team Paramedic Supervisor and Paramedic with the Critical Care Transport team.

Clayton was nominated by Gail Nagel, Physical Therapist, at UNC Outpatient Rehab of Raleigh, for reminding us all that we are One Great Team*.

One day, Clayton noticed a patient in distress during his lunch break. The 89-year-old patient was having a rough morning after initially arriving to the wrong location for her appointment and getting to the correct location 45 minutes late. She was visibly distressed, upset and crying when Clayton noticed her on the first floor of the UNC Outpatient Rehab of Raleigh building.

Clayton escorted the patient to the clinic’s office and waited with her as she checked in. When the patient was told her appointment would need to be rescheduled, she realized her phone had been left in her car and she would need to retrieve it before she could schedule her new appointment. Clayton offered to escort her back to her car and the two returned to the office with her phone 12 minutes later.

“The first time and only time I met Clayton was when I witnessed his display of extraordinary compassion, patience and kindness while assisting [our] patient,” shares Gail. “He was a calming force for [them] and was extremely understanding and caring throughout his interactions with her. It made me feel good to have been there to see such a tremendous example of individual graciousness and generosity of spirit.”

Clayton, who has worked at UNC Health for over 15 years, shares that he loves helping others and looks forward to making people happy each day he comes to work. “It gives me that warm feeling inside to know that I have assisted someone with their concerns or medical issues.”

Further illustrating the value of One Great Team, Clayton shared that “Being recognized as a Values Superstar is something [all teammates] should be recognized for. Every day we come to work, no matter what department we are in, and are doing something good behind the scenes to make a difference.”

“It is teammates like Clayton that help to make UNC Health a center for excellent care and makes me proud to work here,” continues Gail.

We agree! Thank you, Clayton Menzie, for being one of our UNC Health Values Superstars and part of our One Great Team.

*One Great Team:

  • We are better together than we are apart.
  • Our effective collaboration is key to providing quality care.
  • We are building an inclusive and equitable culture that encourages and supports the diverse voices of our patients and each other.​
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