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#ValuesSuperStars: Daya Watelski – The Joy In Her Heart Brings Light to All

Headshot of a smiling Daya WatelskiIf you’ve met Daya Watelski, chances are that she has made an impression on you. It seems everyone she touches is thankful for the joy she brings and the impact she has with patients and teammates as one of our UNC Health #ValuesSuperStars.

Daya was featured last year in videos that were shared with all teammates highlighting our ONE UNC Health values of Carolina Care, Leading the WayIt Starts with Me and One Great Team. Many of us felt the power of Daya’s words and example. “She comes to work with joy in her heart. 7HV is not the same when she’s not here,” praises Delphine Cameron, the teammate who nominated Daya.

A housekeeper at UNC Rex Healthcare, “Daya helps the staff out with patient care, keeping the rooms nice and clean, and helps with translating when needed,” says Delphine. “She is in the know and is very informative. She really takes pride in her job.”

Delphine continues in her appreciation of everything Daya brings to improve the health and well-being of all North Carolinians. “She is one of the best. She makes a big difference on the floor. Daya Watelski is an amazing person.”

Thank you, Daya, for being one of our #ValuesSuperStars and part of our One Great Team.


Over 2,500 #ValuesSuperStars have been nominated by teammates in the last seven months across UNC Health and the School of Medicine!

In celebration of EVS Week, here are a few of our EVS teammates who have been recognized:

#ValuesSuperStars: Carolyn Stiff, UNC Medical Center

“I manage the neuroscience hospital for the EVS department.  In one of my daily Patient interviews, one patient was so appreciative of having Ms. Carolyn coming into her room every day. Not only that Ms. Carolyn cleaned and disinfected her room with such pride, but to come into her room with such a great spirit and as the patient described it ”an angelic sweet voice and sang for her with so much care and passion.” The patient and her daughter were so touched by Ms. Carolyn’s big heart to come into the room and bring a smile to their faces. The patient could not have asked for a better person to come into her room to lift her spirits, than Ms. Carolyn.”

-Gloria Garrison, Environmental Services, UNC Medical Center

#ValuesSuperStars: Brittany Russell, UNC Rex Healthcare

“Brittany never has an issue lending a helping hand to me and it makes my job so much easier. We get along so well, and she makes working at Rex much more enjoyable.”

-Roneshia Long, Environmental Services, UNC Rex Healthcare

 #ValuesSuperStars: Vanessa Garcia Carranza, UNC Medical Center

“Vanessa is always so polite and welcoming to anyone or anybody. She is always willing to help.”

-Nancy Nerio, Environmental Services, UNC Medical Center

 #ValuesSuperStars: All UNC Rockingham Health Care Environmental Services Teammates

“They do a great job on the floors.”

-William Smith, Oncology, UNC Rockingham Health Care

#ValuesSuperStars: All UNC Medical Center Environmental Services Teammates

“Everything EVS does for the hospital is impactful, every conversation I have with these [teammates] is pleasant and their general hospitality makes me happy to be working with such wonderful crew all around the hospital.”

-Markos Juarez, Patient Transport, UNC Medical Center

#ValuesSuperStars: All Caldwell UNC Health Care Environmental Services Teammates

“I think everyone [has] done a wonderful job of coming together to keep each other safe as well as making sure areas are cleaned.”

-Sandra Johnson, Admitting, Caldwell UNC Health Care

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