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Jess Stark

 #ValuesSuperStars: Jessi Stark – Helping A New Teammate Feel Valued

It is always tough being the new person, but it helps to have someone on the team who is looking out for you while also looking out for UNC Health’s mission. Jessi Stark is that someone and stands out as one of our UNC Health #ValuesSuperStars for teammate Harriet McCarter.

For over a year, the administrative team in the Department of Pediatrics has worked remotely. “Jessi is the rare soul who “reads the room” and tries to keep the team motivated and engaged in the most sensitive and creative ways,” praises Harriet. “It has been lonely and really difficult to feel connected and to believe we are making a difference – especially for newer staff like me. Jessi helps you when you need that help.”

During a particularly low moment, Harriet recalls how a simple act of kindness from Jessi turned the day around. “I opened my email to find a virtual gift card for some goodies and the sweetest note from Jessi simply thanking me for what I do. That unexpected kindness made me realize how lucky I am to work with such great people, and it really turned things around for me,” Harriet shared.

“Just taking the extra time to say thank you. Or go a little more out of your way to treat someone with kindness, or a little bit more professionalism,” said Jessi while reflecting on her support for others and their well-being. “I’m supporting great staff members and faculty who are working hard to take care of North Carolina’s children. I really feel good helping others.”

“Sometimes that’s what gets someone to bounce back and get from today to tomorrow… and gets everyone back on the team page,” notes Harriet. Jessi’s example of UNC Health’s values, especially It Starts with Me, “conveys a work ethic, a caring and a real purpose in the overall Mission. It inspires me to do the same.”

Thank you, Jessi, for being one of our incredible #ValuesSuperStars and part of our One Great Team.

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