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Leaders from across the UNC Health system have worked tirelessly to ensure excellent care for COVID-19 patients while keeping other patients, colleagues and guests safe. For those who feel called to support UNC Health during this time of crisis, the COVID-19 Response Fund provides funding for emerging and continuing needs related to the pandemic. This fund provides support to those who need it most urgently – our patients and their families, our healthcare team, our researchers and our students.

Gifts to the COVID-19 Response Fund provide critical funding for UNC Health’s immediate needs to fight the pandemic. These include:

  • Assistance programs that have provided UNC Health employees with meals, groceries and stipends for emergency child care
  • Staffing of an emotional support helpline managed by the UNC Department of Psychiatry
  • Funding for our experts in Infectious Disease and Pathology and Laboratory Medicine who have led the way in the global push to create vaccines and tests
  • Deployment of a UNC Health mobile clinic to bring testing and vaccines to underrepresented communities
  • Initial funding for the UNC Health COVID Recovery Clinic to treat long-haul syndrome patients
  • Personal protective equipment for our healthcare providers on the front line

For more information on COVID-19 and UNC Health’s response to the pandemic, please visit the UNC Health COVID-19 resource page.