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Below is our list of the most current and accurate names of hospitals and other clinical entities. However names are added and change all the time. Please let the comms team know if we should add new items or you have questions about below. 

UNC Health Foundation – not The UNC Health Foundation

For designed materials keep UNC Health Foundation on one line

UNC Health

UNC School of Medicine

not the UNC School of Medicine

UNC Health Rex | UNC Rex Hospital | UNC Rex Heart and Vascular Hospital

Rex is lowercase – you’ll see plenty of REX references but these would be older / wrong

UNC Children’s | N.C. Children’s Hospital

In text refer to “UNC Children’s” even though the logo says UNC Health Children’s

UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center | N.C. Basnight Cancer Hospital

Use full title first; after first full reference OK to say “UNC Lineberger”

Until 9/22 it was N.C. Cancer Hospital

N.C. Memorial Hospital

N.C. Women’s Hospital

N.C. Neurosciences Hospital

Department of Health Sciences

previously the Department of Allied Health Sciences until July 2022