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Check out when UNC Health Foundation will be sending communications around Tar Heal Tuesday, and view recommended days for influencers to post on social media.

Date Type of Communication Time
Friday, November 6
  • Save the Date postcard drops
  • Save the Date ad begins running 
all day
Tuesday, November 24
  • Save the Date email to Faculty/Staff

*THT Influencers: great day to update Facebook profile photos with temporary THT frames. Access frame here.

3 p.m.
Monday, November 30
  • Teaser social media post
  • Teaser email
  • UNC Health Foundation updates profile pictures and cover photos on social media channels

*THT Influencers: great day to post on social media telling your audience to save the date for tomorrow. Visit us here for sample copy.

3 p.m. (email drops)

6 p.m. (social post and updates)

Tuesday, December 1
  • Kickoff email
  • Kickoff social post & ad
  • Update email
  • Update social post & ad

*THT Influencers: post kickoff video to your social channels, email or text friends and family asking them to make gifts, make a gift yourself, etc. This is your day – HAVE FUN! Visit us here for sample copy.

7 a.m. (Kickoff communications)

5 p.m. (Update communications)

Wednesday December 2 (or Thursday, December 3)
  • Thank you email (this may get pushed to Thursday depending upon whether or not we have totals finalized)
  • Thank you social post

*THT Influencers: post a thank you message if you’d like. Visit us here for sample copy.

5 p.m.

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